About Us

Our story begins with simplicity: Fruits, nuts, and chocolate. We believe that the most luxurious and rich flavors can be found in these three nature’s delights. We combine them and wrap them up with goodness for your enjoyment! 

Dorrel is not your average snack. Our ingredients come together in a symphony of flavors- satisfyingly sweet and hunger-crushing. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality fruits, chocolate, and nuts. Our products are made in the USA, non-GMO, Kosher, and with no added sugars. That makes Dorrel a certified guilt-free sweet snack.

We were inspired by the dried fruit and nut platters our mothers would prepare for festivities, so we thought: “Why not enjoy them all year long?” We stuffed protein-packed nuts in naturally sweet Medjool dates, and covered them in Belgian, dark chocolate. What’s not to love? Now we can share our favorite Earth candy for all to enjoy on-the-go. 

Dorrel believes that sweet treats shouldn’t require sacrificing health. Our products are confectious yet healthy and don’t spike your blood sugar like other heavily-processed sugary

Available in the Following Stores

Super King Market
Jons Market
Big Square
Sunland Produce
Golden Farms Market
Musaler Market
Sherman Way Market
Black Jack Market
Claro's Italian Market
Valley Marketplace
EverFresh Marketplace
Arcadia Supermarket
Howie's Market
Garden Fresh Farms
Mega Glatt Mart
Pico Glatt Mart
Rasputin International Food
Santa Monica Kosher
Tehran Market