Is Chocolate Good For You?

Ahhhh chocolate. One of our favorite vices. Or is it? Chocolate has managed to obtain an unfair reputation over the years. From Valentine’s Day to Halloween, we’ve become so used to thinking of chocolate as a mischievous little snack that we can only allow ourselves in a blue moon.

The chocolatey treats that we buy from major grocery stores are typically loaded with added sugars, seed oils, and unnecessary additives. Candy bars and boxed confections are known for their high calorie count and low nutritional value. While these things make them oh so addictive and tasty, chocolate may not be as much of a guilty pleasure as you think.

To reframe our view of chocolate, we have to rewind back in time and understand its ancient uses. It is thought that chocolate was first cultivated by the Mayans and the Olmecs in ancient Mesoamerica over 2000 years ago. Tribes processed cacao buds by grinding up the dark, rich substance and making a hot drink that was coveted for its flavor and antioxidants. 

Centuries later, chocolate was discovered by the Aztecs who believed that chocolate was a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl, and was consumed as an aphrodisiac and before fighting wars.

After Spanish inquisition, chocolate was modified with honey and other sweeteners to cut its naturally bitter flavors and make it more appealing to the masses. As the product got more and more popular, the production of chocolate was revolutionized in the early 1800s when the invention of the chocolate press allowed for cocoa butter to be separated, leaving a powder behind which made the creation of our favorite snack easier. Alas, we enter the modern day of chocolate consumption!

Given that chocolate is a pricey pleasure, big name brands mix in additives and fillers in order to bulk up the product and create addictive tastes so consumers can keep coming back. This knocks the natural properties of chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants, can lower cholesterol, and aids in blood pressure regulation.

At Dorrel, we only use the highest quality Belgian dark chocolate, which has a higher concentration of pure chocolate, is low in sugar, and packs a tasty, true-chocolate punch. Our stuffed dates are coated in an unctuous coating of dark chocolate, transforming your typical sneaky snack into a guilt-free nutritious powerhouse!