Feeling snacky?

At Dorrel, we love taking a snack break. Whether it be salty or sweet, a sour day turns around with a good snack. But we were tired of the over-processed, high in sodium, too sweet options at grocery stores. That’s why we decided to make our own perfect snack!

We believe a good snack should have three criteria. Firstly, it should be finger food, easy to fit in your pocket to sneak in at any time and to be eaten with your hands. Secondly, it should satisfy both sweet and salty cravings. And last, but not least, a snack should be balanced to boost your energy instead of spiking your insulin and expecting your crash in the next half hour! Lucky for you, Dorrel ticks all boxes of the snack list.

Let’s talk snackability. What kind of snack requires a knife and fork anyway? A good snack should always be portable and ready to go! The nature of a snack is its ease of use. Dorrel’s individually packaged goodies are perfect for throwing in your bag, backpack, pocket, or any other little nook and cranny. Throw in a couple different flavors to keep everyone happy during that long road trip, uneventful work day, or while waiting in line.

Sweet or salty: the ultimate snacking dilemma. What about both? Both confectionary and savory snacks have their place, but at Dorrel, we’ve combined both for the ultimate flavor experience. Our peanuts wrapped in dates covered in dark chocolate are sprinkled with sea salt for that umami sensation. Having a snack that is both salty and sweet reduces further cravings and curbs appetite. Not to mention, it’s absolutely delectable!

Balance. We all seek it in life. Wouldn’t it be nice to get it when we can? Dorrel makes it easy by providing balance in packaged proportions. Dorrel ingredients are combined with the hunger-crushing-combo in mind. Protein in nuts, carbs in dates, and the fat in dark chocolate are combined to provide you with the optimal macronutrients you need to keep you energized and full. Our serving sizes are made with your health in mind, and aim to provide sufficient snacking without overindulgence!

The search for the perfect snack is over! Shop Dorrel at any of our participating locations or online!